Beabadoobee consumes the crowd at “Beatopia” tour


Beabadoobee left fans feeling euphoric when performing her song “Care” in the Granada Theater on November 7th. The Sidekick staff designer Caroline Moxley thinks Beabadoobee’s performance is enchanting and fulfilling. Photo by: Caroline Moxley

Caroline Moxley, Staff Designer

DALLAS – Ignoring that the humid and cloudy atmosphere was melting off my excessive amount of makeup, my mind was overtaken by my anticipation to witness Beabadoobee live. Despite the fact that I arrived two hours early, fans had already wrapped around the building, anxiously waiting and hoping to secure a good view. 

I discovered Beabadoobee, or Beatrice Kristi Laus, for her known eclectic indie-rock style and ability to entrance her audience with her unique sound and original ballads. Beabadoobee first took off when her single “Coffee” was sampled on Canadian rapper Powfu’s single “death bed [coffee for your head].” Since, Beabadoobee has released two albums, five EPs and multiple singles. Her most recent album, Beatopia, is responsible for her recent rise in popularity. In addition, she’ll be performing as a part of Taylor’s Swift’s “Eras” tour in 2023. 

Since I ate at the Granada Theater prior to the show, I was let into an exclusive line where about 30 people were waiting. When the doors opened at 7 p.m., I was a victim of pushing and shoving by eager teenage girls, all wearing some variation of a Beabadoobee’s quirky style. 

Still, I managed an unbelievable view of the stage considering the low price of my ticket. Waiting for the show to start, I felt like an eternity passed by but pre-show music by artists such as Clairo, The Smashing Pumpkins and Men I Trust helped ease the crowd’s tense and impatient spirit.

At 8 p.m., opener Lowertown entered onto the stage. I was doubtful, assuming I wouldn’t enjoy what they had in store; however, Lowertown had an insane stage presence that left both me and the crowd amazed. With an alternative punk style to compliment Beabadoobee’s, it had a great repertoire and maintained thrilling energy throughout their performance. After the variety of emotions I felt while listening to their songs, all I was left with was contentment. 

After its captivating showing, I made sure to follow it on all platforms. What used to be a band I had never heard of, is now one of my favorites.

It was difficult trying to comprehend reality when Beabadoobee appeared only a few feet away from me, considering she is one of my favorite artists. Her sweet and inviting energy was refreshing in contrast to Lowertown’s intimidating, yet intriguing, company.

Beabadoobee’s setlist consisted of six of 14 songs from her new album, Beatopia. Personally, it wasn’t a great balance between Beatopia songs and songs from previous albums. I think she should have done more songs from Beatopia, since she performed 21 songs in total, and the tour is called the “Beatopia Tour.” However, I thoroughly enjoyed her picks for the remainder of the songs. She consumed the crowd when she performed the catchy hits such as “Talk” and “Care.”

She managed to create a bond with the audience with her eye contact and facial expressions. Additionally, the small venue created an intimate and personal feel. Her stage presence as a whole was incredible and her live voice didn’t seem altered from her studio recorded songs; however, I wish she would have interacted with the audience more between the songs and given context for her pieces, as it would have expanded the experience and connection further.  

Though I have a few minor critiques to Beabadoobee’s performance, I had a pleasurable time and it was the best concert I’ve attended thus far. Being up close and personal with my favorite artist was absolutely worth $25. 

I’m glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves, and I hope to somehow score a ticket to see her open for Swift’s Eras tour.

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