Sometimes all you need is a bit of confidence

Nyah Rama, Staff Writer

CHS9 varsity wrestler Ishitha Mallidi performs a half nelson on New Tech High @ Coppell freshman wrestler Clara Nicodemus. Mallidi has been wrestling for three years. (Yaamini Jois)

Pin her! Pin her! 

That’s what CHS9 varsity wrestler Ishitha Mallidi hears day in and day out. 

Mallidi started her wrestling career two years ago at Coppell Middle School West under coach Rebekkah Grissom. Mallidi also won the Coppell All-City tournament and went undefeated in eighth grade under coach Jamika Jones.

While Mallidi’s original reason for joining the sport was to get more exercise in, she had no idea she would be taking the first steps toward her future passion. Mallidi’s personal journey has shown that even in the face of adversity, sometimes all you need is a little confidence.


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