Cowgirls come up victorious against Lewisville


Shreya Ravi

Coppell senior setter Taylor Young and junior middle blocker Ekwe Anwah block against Lewisville in CHS Arena on Friday. The Cowgirls defeated Lewisville, 25-10, 25-8, 25-18.

Sidekick Staff Files

On Friday night, the Coppell volleyball team swept three sets against Lewisville, 25-10, 25-8, 25-18, at Coppell High School Arena.

The team came from its last match with new knowledge and determination.

“It’s hard to come back after a heartbreak match like Tuesday,” Coppell coach Robyn Ross said.”They did a great job coming out strong right from the beginning.”

The team maintained a steady flow in its first two sets, setting the tone for the match. In the third set, the team experienced a little struggle, but came out as the victors in the end.

“The biggest turning point was when [Kahungu] went in and got a bunch of kills in a row,” Coppell junior defense specialist Kate MacDonald said. “That really lifted the spirits of the team.”

The Cowgirls regained their confidence and showed their skills on the court.

“We didn’t let any balls hit the floor,” MacDonald said. “Our hitting percentage was really good this game.”

The team attributes its success to the support from every member of the team.

“We came out with so much energy as a whole team,” Coppell senior defense specialist Addison Hesse said. “ We were getting kills and our server set was good.”

In the match, the Cowgirls were able to practice some new techniques for future matches.

“We tried out a few new hitting patterns when we could,” Ross said. “We were practicing a lot that we are hoping to use on Marcus.”

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