Council approves city’s lowest ad valorem tax rate since 1986


Sri Achanta

Coppell resident James Ford requests to update the trash and recycle code for the community during the Coppell City Council meeting on Tuesday. The code will be reviewed by the council to determine if amendment is plausible.

Sruthi Lingam, CHS9 Visual Media Editor

Tuesday’s Coppell City Council meeting led to the approval of the lowest ad valorem tax rate for the 2022 tax year at $0.518731. This particular tax rate applies to the value of eligible real estate and homeowner properties.

Item nine on the meeting’s agenda included a presentation on the budget and tax rate on the 2022-23 Municipal Budget. Although this item was a public hearing, no additional input was provided by citizens nor council members.

City of Coppell director of finance Kimberley Tiehen clarified information regarding technicalities relating to the tax rate, following the question period open for council members and citizens.

The adoption of the 2022-23 fiscal year budget was approved by Coppell Mayor Wes Mays and city council member Kevin Nevels. 

Coppell resident James Ford made a citizens’ appearance to request an update of the trash and recycle code. Ford presented a slideshow with images detailing the dumping of hazardous and odorous waste on his private property.

“It’s been emotionally stressful. I have calls with people I shouldn’t have to on a regular basis,” Ford said.

An update to this code will be under review by the council. 

A zoning change request was presented by Kirkman Engineering representative Patrick Filson to develop offices, retail spaces, restaurants, banquet center, and a daycare center on 10 acres of property located near the southeast corner of Belt Line Road and Dividend Drive.

Concerns were raised over traffic circulation to Interstate 635 from Belt Line Road by Mays and Nevels. Filson said the space is narrower than typical projects but that there is enough room to coordinate traffic signals.

The 10-acre space is planned to include art sculptures along Dividend Drive, a five-foot wide sidewalk for pedestrians, and the division of the back half of the area serves as an enhanced linear perk for construction purposes.

Coppell city manager Mike Land provided an update that the signal work behind Bethel School Road should be completed by next week, and the building will be open by late October.

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