CISD Trustees plan for the upcoming school year’s budget proceedings

Sweeney named Pinkerton principal


Srihari Yechangunja

The HB 3 year bill was introduced. The Board of Trustees of Coppell Independent School District meeting was held April 26th to discuss matters of the 2022-2023 budget proceedings.

Maya Palavali, Staff Writer

On Monday night, the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees discussion centered around the data and analysis regarding future processes to improve the school district for the upcoming school year. 

First, the board approved the hiring of Amanda Sweeney as principal of Pinkerton Elementary. According to a CISD announcement, she has served Pinkerton Elementary since 2015, teaching 4th grade prior to being selected as the school’s Assistant Principal in 2019. 

The board held a forum to reflect upon the community and feedback ideals, as well as the results of the optional feedback survey given to the CISD staff members, students and parents. According to CISD, the three steps for the building of relationships (according to the Community and Feedback board include, but are not limited to, professional learning communities (PLC) and multi-tiered systems of support (MISS), social emotional learning and counseling and multipurpose building facilities. The participation for the feedback reached a total of 385 surveys filled. 

The inperson surveys included an interactive feature: post-it notes on a sheet of paper. 

“We did post-its so that people would be open and honest with their feedback,” CISD Superintendent Dr. Brad Hunt said.  “[The parents and students] wanted the opportunity to do that.”

The district budget process for the upcoming 2022-23 school year was introduced. The recapture method for equalizing property degrees is the district tax revenues and state funding subtracted by the state calculation of district entitlement equals the recapture. 

Each district in Texas now has their own maximum total rate to meet in order to qualify for entitlement.The HB 3 year bill increases district’s funding while also providing property tax relief. The impact of the HB plan is a total of $22 million through recapture savings. The state has increased its contribution to districts from 36% to 45% while also reducing CISD’s recapturing by 47%. With more funds given by the state, there has been an opportunity for public and private property tax relief. The CISD budget workshops are May 16, June 6 and Aug. 1 Administration Building. 

There was an update on the community based accountability systems configuration (CBAS), a program used to accurately measure community growth while identifying aspects to improve. The advisory group created now consists of students, parents, community members , elementary and secondary staff.   Hunt, Wilson Elementary School Principal Cooper Hilton and Coppell Middle School North Greg Axelson went to Wilson Elementary School on April 15. 

The group also got feedback regarding the current community based efforts from the high schools on April 6, the business partner sessions on April 20 and the PTO presidents meeting on March 4.


The student transportation services five-year plan with Durham School Services for the 2022-23 school year was introduced and passed. The plan is a one year incremental agreement, a renewal from the previous cycle of Aug. 1, 2017 to July 31, 2022. The current transportation cost percentages include regular education with 56% of the budget, special education being 26%, monitors being 11% and the shuttles being 7%. 

The current system for bus routes to and from homes is a flat rate per day for a base number of hours with an over hour pay. The per hour pay will increase from $18 to $21, with other rate changes being implemented, too ( regular education $ 2.90 (1%), special education $16.52 (5.3%), over hour pay $3.39 (10.8%).  The motion was passed with none opposing. 

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