Covering all bases

Fischetti using current leadership to develop future aspirations


Olivia Cooper

Coppell junior first baseman Emily Fischetti prepares to field against Plano East on March 25 at the Coppell ISD Baseball/Softball Complex. Fischetti is currently a softball coach for the 6U Unos team and wants to be a special education teacher.

Sreeja Mudumby, Executive Editorial Page Editor

The hearty laughter of the children rings through her ears as she helps them hold a bat. Music to her ears, she remembers this same laugh coming from her when she was just 3 years old. If only this laughter was lingering in her ears forever. 

Maybe it can be.  

Coppell junior first baseman Emily Fischetti started playing softball at age 3, and has made her way up to the Coppell team. 

“I have accomplished so many things as an athlete and as a person; I have gotten many awards,” Fischetti said. “But it’s not really about all the awards and fame, it’s more of how have I grown as a person.”

Coppell softball coach Ashley Minick sees leadership qualities when she is on the field, proving that she is trained enough to coach the children. 

“She’s been a really good vocal leader and she’s been one of our offensive leaders as well,” Minick said. “She has very good RBIs and she gets the job done and has a go-to attitude. No matter what she has to do, she’s going to do her job and she’s going to do it well for the team.” 

With all of these qualifications, Fischetti’s combined talent with interest is to lead the coming generations in becoming athletes by coaching the 6U Unos softball team through the Coppell Softball Association. Her past goals bleeding into her aspirations in the future, Fischetti’s biggest goal is to show kids their true potential. 

“I’ve always loved coaching,” Fischetti said. “It’s not really for me, the glories of softball.  And through mentoring, these young girls have brought so much joy into my life. It just makes my day and has changed me as a person and how I looked at the little girls, and it’s just brought me so much into my life. And it’s just amazing to see what the little things can do in somebody’s life and how they can change your life.”

Through this experience, Fischetti has fallen in love with teaching and wants to continue it in her career. 

“I love children, and I want to be a special education teacher,” Emily said. “I see myself in them as a younger athlete, and just loving the game at such a young age, and I like seeing how far I’ve come. I really just love softball, I never realized I could make experience and career out of it.”

It’s just amazing to see what the little things can do in somebody’s life and how they can change your life.””

— Coppell junior first baseman Emily Fischetti

Fischetti’s mother, Lakeside Elementary School third grade math teacher Kelly Fischetti, is the reason for Emily’s career aspirations. According to Mrs. Fischetti, Emily’s leadership is what will make her successful in her future aspirations. 

“As parents, Emily has exceeded our expectations,” said Mrs. Fischetti, as she shed a tear. “She is a humble leader on her teams. She doesn’t even realize her strength and talents and how much she brings to the team. She’s the kid that does her job and meets her goals, and just does what she needs to do and we’re just very proud of Emily and all she’s accomplished so far.”

Emily hopes that by being a teacher, she is able to follow the footsteps of her mom, and can make a difference on her own. 

“If I can give hope to children then it’s all worth it in the end,” Fischetti said. “I’ve seen my mom and how helping children has changed her life. I want to be the teacher kids never forget and she’s definitely one of those. When her students come to my games it makes me so heart felt because I know it’s because of her and her love for children. I want to be like her, the definition of a life changer.” 

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