Let the stars align

Even as skeptics arise, astrology brings peace of mind, soul


Esther Kim

Astrology has been explored by many people and plays a part in numerous cultures. The Sidekick staff writer Shrayes Gunna delves into how powerful astrology can be for the human mind and body.

Shrayes Gunna, Staff Writer

My Sun is in Virgo, Moon in Aries and Ascendant in Sagittarius. To many, my credence in a set of what are commonly-perceived as arbitrary constellations condemns me to insanity. 

But my mind jumps to hope, “oh, how the stars have aligned,” quite literally. 

The common phrase “the stars aligned” is as old as society can remember, and astrology can be traced back to even earlier. In the ancient river valley of Mesopotamia more than 2000 years ago, people intertwined a robust belief in the stars with religion and time. The sentiment of the power of the stars has only grown, taking on several forms from ayurvedic astrology across South Asia to tropical astrology in the West. 

It is not uncommon nor ludicrous to have faith in the stars, yet with astrology’s insurgence as a belief system, more and more nonbelievers and skeptics dismiss its efforts to reason with the truth. 

Support systems appear in metaphysical ways. In desperate times, people often find faith, not in a person but instead a higher power; religious systems create that gateway. Astrology is in a similar sense a higher power, though not guided by a god or collection of gods. 

That is not to say that astrology could play the same role as religion in someone’s life, but it could be a fun and fruitful outlet to explore. 

Utilizing the orientation of celestial bodies and other planetary ideologies such as tropic lines, astrology acts as a guide often “predicting” what is held in an individual’s future from periods of hope and change to periods of love, and almost everything in between. With a system of symbols, zodiac signs, houses, degrees and planets, astrology provides insight into why we act as we do and how we may progress.

For many, such a lofty ideology is hard to grasp, but those that do buy into the system are met with an underscored hope and joy. To see into something as arbitrary as the future is a calming thing. It is stabilizing and exciting to have something to look forward to, feel enamored by and think deeply about.

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On top of that, astrology is a fun practice that can get people excited. When walking the halls of Coppell High School recently, I hear more talk of people’s signs from common questions of “what’s your sun sign” to audible gasps at the revelations they carry. 

Especially with the practice permeating across the internet and social media, we now have easier access to interpreting astrological charts. A chart is a document that captures the orientation of one’s planets in accordance with their houses and signs. Even from a simplified description, the idea is complex. But through sites like Costar, young people are able to have a taste at what their astrology may entail. 

However, the connotations that many associate with astrological believers or even students that toy with the idea are often negative and reference them as “delusional,” painting them in a bad light.

But you do not need to be an expert to enjoy astrology or feel its power, and to the same degree, we are not shackled to its interpretations. As people, we still have free will, the ability to change and make our futures/destinies. 

Astrology gives reason and structure to the fluid and convoluted concept of the future, easing several anxieties, especially for someone like me who views the future as a daunting thing and for many other young people who seek out a sense of comfort in a fast-paced world. 

It keeps open arms and presents an easy pathway into a future filled with tranquility and hope, countering the fears and angst that individuals may have. It is yet another tool to conquer our worst fears and should not be looked down upon. 

Our support systems and beliefs do not have to be pragmatic, and astrology proves just that. Whether people delve into it for fun or for more context on their lives, it is as influential as we let it be. 

American author and film director Bill Myers said it best, “astrology is like any other superstition: it has no power unless people allow it to direct their lives.”

Let it move you. Read into it. And feel just about everything that your instincts tell you not to. 

Who knows, the stars may align for you too.

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