The Woman Who Made Me: following a path carved by my sister

Esther Kim, Staff Designer

The Sidekick sophomore staff designer Esther Kim regards her older sister, Coppell High School senior Eden Kim, to be the woman who made her. Eden’s passion for the fine arts and creative writing inspired Esther to pursue similar activities. (Shrayes Gunna)

My sister is my best friend.

People around us are always surprised to see how close the two of us are. We’ve always been told that we were different from other siblings, but I didn’t realize the true extent of our uniqueness until recently when talking to a friend in band. As we talked about our siblings, I realized that my sister, Eden Kim, felt more like a close friend than an older sister. 

I always looked up to my sister. She was the perfect person in my 5-year-old eyes; she could do anything (my family likes to joke that I used to practically worship her). Obviously, as I grew up, I learned that that just wasn’t true. Eden, a senior at Coppell High School, is human and she isn’t even close to perfect. 

But it was thanks to her that I developed most of my hobbies. 

At age 4, I started drawing because I wanted to do everything Eden did. In fourth grade, I started writing fictional stories to be more like her. In sixth grade, I signed up for the band program because Eden was in it. In high school, it was her who helped me find The Sidekick program through one of her friends. 

These experiences introduced me to some of my closest friends, developed my favorite hobbies and influenced a major part of who I am. My drawing hobby recently evolved into graphic designing for The Sidekick and the band program has grown to become a huge part of my high school career. 

Of course, Eden and I argue and have our disagreements. There were definitely times when she got annoyed at me for copying her, and there were times when I was upset at her or when we had a disagreement.

I admit that I was (and still am) a bit of an annoying little sister; I copied Eden in everything and followed her everywhere. 

But that didn’t change how our relationship has grown since our childhood. As the years go by, it feels like we’re getting closer each year even though we’re becoming less alike, and I hope that this trend continues in our future. 

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