HOA members address short term rentals at Tuesday’s council meeting


Manasa Mohan

Coppell councilmember John Jun discusses the repeal of the code of conduct with city attorney Robert E. Hager during the city council meeting on Feb. 22. During the meeting on March 10, the council discussed short term rentals and approvals for construction projects.

Yaamini Jois, Staff Writer

At Tuesday’s Coppell City Council meeting, two Coppell Homeowners’ Association members presented the results of surveys they conducted to collect information on other HOA members’ opinions on short-term rentals in their neighborhood.

Four citizens appeared in front of the council, including Coppell residents Gary Tanel, Thomas Burrows, Laura Groche and Rick Groche. Three discussed their opinions on short term rentals (STRs) in their neighborhoods and unbiased survey results regarding STRs. 

Tanel’s survey concluded that a majority of participants preferred a ban on STRs. Mrs. Groche’s survey concluded similar results, with a majority of participants disagreeing with the current STR ordinance.

“Many of our residents, myself included, were not aware of this issue,” Mrs. Groche said. “New awareness of opposing views need to be considered with the ordinance if not the overall practice.” 

After a motion by council member Kevin Nevels, the council approved replacing the roof at the Coppell Justice Center. The council moved on to the public hearing. A request was made for changeable letters on a monument for the Trinity River Kayak Company to accommodate different advertisements. The council approved Item 7.

Coppell city manager Mike Land presented his report on current major construction projects, including the Plantation Drive project.. 

“Construction on Plantation Drive should be completed by the end of April,” Land said. “For folks that have been enduring the project for some time, the end is in sight.”

Mayor pro tem Brianna Hinojosa-Smith presented a report about a possible project involving electric vehicle charging stations and a discussion on adopting electric vehicles and policies.

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