The pursuit of excellence: Beach taking every opportunity for future preparation


Olivia Cooper

Coppell High School junior Lauren Beach tries on costumes for her role as Caroline Cassidy in the upcoming Cowboy Theatre Company production, “By the Bog of Cats,” during her third period UIL one – act play on Feb. 2. Beach juggles many scholastic and extracurricular activities such as KCBY-TV, Lariettes and theater.

Nathan Cheng, Staff Writer

Whereas many high school students use their time to discover their interests, Coppell High School junior Lauren Beach is already deep in her interests at school. Her schedule is full of electives she hopes will set her up for her future and improve herself in the present. 

During her time in high school, Beach has participated in school activities as a dancer in the Coppell Lariettes, an actress in the Cowboy Theatre Company, a social media manager at KCBY-TV and as a leader in the Coppell Student Council. Driven by her love for digital media and fine arts, she spends every moment she has working to keep up with these activities and her school work. 

“I have always been very passionate about the arts,” Beach said. “I’ve been interested in singing and acting since a very young age. I loved being in talent shows and plays because it’s just a passion of mine and I really enjoy it. It’s also what I want to do as a career. I would like to make films, act and make my own music.”

Beach chooses her electives around what she plans to do in the future. She hopes that all the fine arts she takes during high school will prepare her for a career in the field later by providing her with basic skills she may have to employ on her way through the field.

“In theater and drama club, I want to connect with my peers because we can really see that on stage,” Beach said.  “In KCBY, I get used to just being in front of a camera and working a camera, cables and doing interviews. I just try to learn about the behind the scenes of what I am going to do. 

Additionally, some of her roles on campus prepare her for the field by teaching her critical leadership and social skills.

“In student council and [National Honor Society], I try to focus on leadership skills and growing as a student leader, but I also try to put myself in front of the community for volunteer hours,” Beach said. 

Despite her full schedule, Beach still is able to show exceptional dedication and focus in each activity. Her attitude has earned her a distinguished reputation among her peers in her activities. She is known to be a great leader and a positive influence on both her younger and older peers. It is clear to her teachers and peers that her every effort is spent for self-betterment. 

“She’s always bringing a positive attitude; she’s always high energy, always focused, and she is an amazing leader.” Coppell theater head director Karen Ruth said. “She has been able to take on larger roles and manage more things at once. She really works hard to take direction and make herself better.” 

Her Lariette officers can also speak to her positive influence. Despite being a first year dancer, Beach projects confidence to other dancers, even dancers who are older and more experienced.

“Her confidence is what really stands out to me about her,” Lariettes junior lieutenant Jules Hunt said. “She’s very outgoing and she’s never afraid to be herself. She’s definitely taught me more about not worrying about other people’s opinions.” 

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