Anyone can be a writer


Noor Fatima

Many people believe there are special requirements to be a writer. However, The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Sreeja Mudumby thinks anyone can write if they put their mind to it.

Sreeja Mudumby, Executive Editorial Page Editor

Dear Diary,

It’s me, Sreeja. I am officially 9 years old! I am writing in this diary so that I never forget anything amazing in my life ever!

I began writing in a bright red, glittery Minnie Mouse journal in the fourth grade. I knew instantly that there was no better feeling than taking the thoughts from  my head and hiding them on paper I would keep forever. My diary was like a treasure chest filled with good memories I wanted to remember forever. 

Dear Diary,

A boy made fun of me in class today. I am so sad because he thinks I’m stupid. I also got a bad grade on my science project. My life sucks.

The reality that my life isn’t filled with rainbows hit me as I transitioned into sixth grade. What was once a treasure chest became an outlet for my emotions, a friend who didn’t speak back to me. Writing was an escape, and surprisingly, really good for building my vocabulary. 

Nothing can beat the feeling I get seeing the end result of a finished piece of writing. Placing the period on the last sentence, and looking back at the creation you made offers a sense of fulfillment like no other. Writing is an art, confined only to the boundaries of carefully scripted letters to form words, paragraphs and ultimately, stories. Stories that live on for lifetimes.

I have only taken one writing class in my entire life, one that didn’t require students to dedicate much time to writing. I had no prior experience in personal writing; I just picked up a pen and paper and poured out my mind. 

Journaling as a young girl and this freeing writing class led me to become a student journalist. I no longer write to document my daily life; I write as a method of service to my community, a way to condense all the lightness and darkness of Coppell into stories. 

Writing is something that every literate person can do. But to write well takes time and effort. It cannot be done in two seconds, or even two minutes. Writing requires brain power and creativity in order to craft the perfect combination of text to produce something meaningful. 

Many think they cannot write, so they stay away from writing. But everyone should experience the beauty of it by writing for themselves; everyone can. Designing one’s jumbled thoughts into enjoyable compositions is unique for each individual, as no two people can interpret the world the same way. Everyone can and should write, not for a class or college essay, but truly for themselves. 

It is not hard to write. I don’t consider myself a great writer, but I do it because I love it. What started as me ranting about an annoying classmate became awards won for my stories, things I’ve written, those which can be achieved by anyone. 

Try writing. Take a piece of paper, or open a Google Doc, and just write. Write what comes into your mind, what you like, hate and everything in between. Write about people, places and food. 

Writing is nothing short of magic. It is a power that can change minds and make the world better. Write for you, and write for the world. You might be surprised by just how beautiful your words can be.

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