The Local Lens: Saved by the bell


Avani Munji

Coppell Independent School District (CISD) has introduced a new two-minute warning bell before the end of passing period. The Sidekick executive editorial page editor Sreeja Mudumby thinks the bell is a beneficial addition to reduce tardies.

Sreeja Mudumby, Executive Editorial Page Editor

I have never considered myself a runner, but I am convinced that I am faster than Usain Bolt when going from class to class. The problem is not the distance between my classrooms, but my habit of lingering in the hallways, talking to friends in classrooms or the most common: waiting for an unnecessary length of time in the bathrooms. 

The feeling of embarrassment when running in late to a classroom is massively diluted due to the amount of times it has happened. But when the announcement was made that Coppell High School was installing a two-minute warning bell every passing period, I knew this was my saving grace.

I have heard many different things about the bell from my peers: it’s annoying, unnecessary, long. I understand that another loud noise might be bothersome to those who prioritize punctuality. But I think I can advocate for myself and the swarm that fills the hallway when I say that the bell is a helpful tool for students. I have seen many laughing faces drop as soon as the warning bell goes off, followed by an “Oh no, I gotta go, bro.” 

I’m sure that the bell provides a benefit to teachers as well. The two-minute bell allows students to get settled and prepare their materials for the class before the final bell, aiding in classes starting on time. The same principle also applies to teachers: the warning bell allows them to get back from talking to their fellow co-workers and get settled by mirroring their laptops, pulling up lesson plans or passing out documents. In classes that are assessment heavy, it is crucial to get started as soon as possible so that enough time is allotted for students to complete their assignments. 

The two-minute bell is perfect in length, giving enough time for students to both socialize and take a brain break between classes while providing a gentle reminder that their next class will start soon. 

I can confidently say this bell should stay for years to come, so all of CHS can say they were saved by the bell. 

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