Summer camp gives Vivace! head start on season

By Abby Drake
Staff Writer

The magical and anticipated sounds from the Coppell high school Vivace! started early this school year at their annual Vivace! summer camp. Their hard work gave them a head start on their new year.

Vivace! practices it's new dance routines. Photo by Jack Ficklen.

Back in August Coppell High School’s entire Vivace! group spent six hours a day singing and dancing at their annual two-week summer camp. Their day started late and ended early. The first week was devoted entirely to Vivace! shows and performances, while the second week gave kids first through eighth grade a chance to experience what a high school show choir is all about.

A lot was accomplished in the first week as the students were able to master four different dances and several additional songs. An example of one of their new and amusing pieces was a hip shaking interpretation of the song “Shake Your Groove Thing”.

Everything that they learned will be used in the upcoming fall show, which takes place in November, along with a few pep rally performances. In essence the camp gives them a head start on their year.

Fortunately for all of those in Vivace! the camp only took place on weekdays, giving them weekends for team bonding parties and dinners. These bonding events included a day time swim party and an evening bar b que.

“It’s fantastic when the new people and the old people get to mesh together for the first time,” senior Vivace! member Scott Dance said.

During breaks the students relaxed by playing games and making up skits. At this time they got a chance to take part in the annual tradition of decorating water bottles.

“Camp is always pretty intense and hard each year and we like to keep the members hydrated and healthy throughout the week,” choral head Jeff Schulz said. “Each member brings in a plastic water bottle and we take time to decorate them in any way they want to. This makes hydration fun.”

This first week of camp is vital to the progress of the rest of the year. The fundamentals of dancing and singing are laid out and each member is able to get a taste of what is in store for them in each routine for the rest of the year.

The second week of camp was less about the Vivace! group and more about the youth of Coppell; this week is referred to as ‘kids’ camp’. During this five day experience children from the grades first through eighth were taught routines of song and dance to the latest and greatest Disney songs. Although it was the choreographers who taught the dance, the members of Vivace! were the ones who gave personal attention to making it a memorable experience.

“Being able to share our talent with the kids was a lot of fun and it was exciting to work with them,” Vivace captain Jessie Ross said.

The kids’ camp was used as fundraising tool for the entire choral program as well as a recruiting tool for the Vivace! group. If kids are able to get a taste of Coppell High School’s show choir then they may be excited when it is their time to join.

Now that the school year is action Vivace! has started practicing and perfecting the material learned at camp during their 4th period class and every Thursday after school. They are working with choreographers and directors getting together great routines for the year ahead. Their first show in November will be quite entertaining as a product of their time and hard work.

Choral director Jeff Schulz is very excited about the high level of experience and talent returning this year, and through the experiences of the camp he feels that the Vivace! group will be well prepared for the season ahead. Coppell High School should be expecting entertaining shows and performances.

“It is going to be an awesome year,” choral head Jeff Schulz said.