In the Spotlight: Hewett deconstructing gender through visual, performance art

Saniya Koppikar, Staff Writer



Coppell High School senior Elena Hewett has been in theater and art since the beginning of their sophomore year. Hewett is working on lighting design for the Cowboy Theatre Company’s upcoming production “Spongebob the Musical” and is in IB and digital art. 

Since moving to Coppell at the end of their sophomore year, Coppell High School senior Elena Hewett has been fervently involved with the art and theatre departments. Taking at least two art classes each school year, Hewett continues their creativity in the art room as well as on stage. Having recently participated in “Trap” and working on “Spongebob: The Musical” and IB Art pieces “Tooth Fairy” and “Potato Head,” they are spending their senior year as an inspiration and mentor to underclassmen in art and theater.

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