The Sportlight: Srithaj carrying dedication and balance to the course

Saniya Koppikar, Staff Writer

The Sportlight highlights a male and female JV athlete every Monday and Friday. This week, Coppell freshman Navmi Srithaj, a JV golf player, was selected.

Coppell golf freshman Navmi Srithaj swings at the driving range at Riverchase Golf Club on Thursday. Srithaj balances playing golf on the JV golf team alongside playing the flute in the JV marching band. Photo by Olivia Cooper

Coppell freshman Navmi Srithaj has played golf recreationally for most of her life, but found the inspiration during stay-at-home orders  to begin playing for a team. Srithaj began playing competitively in the winter of her eighth grade year, then tried out for the high school team at the beginning of her freshman year. She now practices fifteen hours in a normal week––depending on whether or not there is a tournament––and plans to continue with the sport beyond high school.

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