Hayden running behind-the-scenes of athletics, fine arts


Shreya Ravi

Coppell ISD athletic secretary Jessica Hayden finishes work at her desk by taking phone calls and analyzing budget forms. Hayden manages the budgets for the athletic and fine arts department.

Torie Peck, Sports Editor

After graduating from Texas Tech in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, Coppell ISD administrative assistant Jennifer Hayden and family came to Coppell. 

With her children Nick, Olivia and Charlotte Hayden attending Coppell schools, Hayden began working for CISD. Hayden worked at Coppell Middle School West before taking the opportunity to work on a larger, more in-depth level with athletics and fine arts.

What are your responsibilities as an administrative assistant?

I am in charge of the budget for the athletics and fine arts departments at Coppell High School, CHS9, New Tech High @ Coppell and all the middle schools. I purchase all the gear and equipment that the athletics department uses and manage all the entry fees for tournaments. I do all the financial business. I deal with the business office and the people who keep track of the money. We’re in constant contact about orders and checks. I also work with vendors. 

How did you become an administrative assistant?

I started off as a registrar at Coppell Middle School West, [then] went into account payroll and then decided I wanted a job in the schools. When I interviewed [for this position], it was very extensive. I had to make a PowerPoint and be creative. I’m not used to talking in front of people so it was very intimidating, but exciting. 

What was it like starting the job?

When I first started [in March of 2018], I didn’t really know what I was doing and had to get a lay of the land. I didn’t have anyone to train me so I set up the system in my own way and organized everything how I wanted to do it. 

How do you prepare for home games and events?

My responsibilities for game day [include] everything leading up to it. Home games are really busy with parking and tickets plus arranging the press boxes. Coaches come and scout so we have to have drinks and things set up for them. I’m in charge of all the sporting events and people who scan tickets. I have to schedule all them, make sure they show up and find last minute replacements. I also process their pay sheets so they get paid for that. I am in charge of all the online ticketing – I reconcile that and send it to the business office and work with [digital ticketing company] Home Town Tickets

What is your relationship with the coaches?

I’m their liaison at the business office. Each head coach has a budget and I keep track of it and they find things they need to order and I place those orders. In general, we talk a lot and they are very interesting and hardworking people.

What is your favorite part of your job?

All the people I meet. I really like processes and procedures and there’s a lot of different aspects of this job that I have developed procedures and processes for. It’s satisfying to have developed everything.

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