Homecoming dance to be held at CHS Arena for first time


Nick Larry

The upcoming homecoming dance will take place tomorrow night in the CHS Arena. Tickets can be purchased for $40 on the CHS website and at the door.

Sreehitha Moravaneni, Staff Writer/Photographer

It’s that time of the year, where the homecoming week festivities close out in the form of a school-wide homecoming dance.

This year, the Coppell High School and CHS9 homecoming dance will be held at the CHS Arena tomorrow night from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. 

CHS has been indulging from the anticipation of the annual homecoming football game by participating in dress-up themes, along with the celebration of a community-wide pep rally which was held Wednesday evening.

For CHS juniors and seniors who have attended past homecoming dances, this year’s dance will bring a change. Unlike recent years, the dance will not be held at a local convention center. Freshmen and sophomores will experience their first homecoming dance at the CHS Arena.

“Being a freshman, I’m excited to [see what’s] in store for [the dance],” CHS9 student Sriya Meduri said. “[I think] it’ll be a new and fun experience for me to enjoy in my first year of high school.”

​The dance is expected to have dancing, snacks and the recognition of the senior class’ selected homecoming court, which is to be announced during the homecoming football game today during halftime.

“It’s going to be very fun because it’s our first homecoming in a [couple] years,” CHS junior Abigail Berhe said. “Doing it in the arena [will] be really exciting because I haven’t experienced [a homecoming dance] in CHS, so it might be like a whole new concept.”

Tickets to the dance cost $40 and can be purchased online or at the dance.

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