Suns heartbroken, Artest vindicated

By Andy Tabor

The run n’ gun Phoenix Suns were unable to win against the L.A. Lakers last night because of Ron Artest’s late put back to win 103-101.  The Suns had the win in their sights after a late banked three pointer by Jason Richardson tied the game at 101 with a little over 3 seconds left in the game.

The ball was inbounded by the Lakers to none other than Kobe Bryant but in a role reversal for the star as he airballed the potential game winner.  Ron Artest jumped in the air for the rebound, grabbed it, and in a hideous shooting night from the field for Artest he somehow got the most important shot to go. 

Pandamonium ensued in the Staples Center as Artest and Bryant hugged after the win.  The Suns resumed the lovable loser role they had been so accustomed to being in. Through being famously beaten by the Spurs and Mavericks in past playoff series, the Suns experienced defeat from the Lakers this time.  Steve Nash led the Suns furious comeback, but once again the team fell short.

The next game will be played in Phoenix Saturday night.  If the Lakers prevail they will be in the 2010 finals, if the Suns win then back to Las Angeles for game 7.

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