Axelson returning to CMS North principal role following stint as COO

Squalls leaving for Richardson ISD


Dr. Greg Axelson is returning to his former job as Coppell Middle School North principal after one year as Coppell ISD chief operations officer. This will be Axelson’s fourth year as principal of CMS North. Photo courtesy Greg Axelson

Anjali Vishwanath, Daily News/Assignment Editor

Dr. Greg Axelson is leaving his position as Coppell ISD chief operations officer to return to his post as Coppell Middle School North principal. He replaces Lorie Squalls, who was named executive director for the Berkner learning community in Richardson ISD.

“It was a very difficult decision because Coppell is like a second home and a second family, however, I was presented with an opportunity to grow my leadership in Richardson ISD.” Squalls said.

Dr. Axelson was CMS North principal for three years when he was named district COO. After a year in the administrative position, he is excited to return to working with students and teachers directly.

“I do feel like I’m going home,” Dr. Axelson said. “CISD as a district is my home, I work here, my kids go to school here, I live in the community. But North is a special, special place for me and going back there does very much feel like going home.”

Axelson has enjoyed working with his colleagues as COO, and hopes to bring some of his new perspective as a district administrator back to his previous role at CMS North. He finds that this will be one of the few new aspects of his return to North, among the typical changes that accompany a return to school and full in-person learning.

“I hope that [my students at North] have a great, restful summer, because I know that this school year was a challenge for students and was probably tiring,” Axelson said. “And when we get back to school and things start ramping up again, I hope they feel the same excitement I feel. We just want them to know as they come back that we love them, and we are going to do everything we can to take care of them and to educate them, and we’re just really, really excited to see them again in August.”

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