Gorman’s guide: Eating through various cuisines in DFW

Gorman’s guide: Eating through various cuisines in DFW

Lilly Gorman, Visual Media Editor

I hate the term foodie, but I unfortunately fall under it.

For the past 18 years of my life, Dallas has brought me the joy of eating well. After traveling out of the state, country and continent, the DallasFort Worth area has some restaurants I will forever rank at the top of my list.

1. Let us start with something local to Coppell: Golden Boy Coffee Co.. The coffee shop has three locations in DFW, and Coppell is lucky to be one of them. I spend many days of the week between kelly green and gold walls, ordering either a matcha tea with oat milk and honey or their current seasonal drink, the Super Trooper, an earl grey tea latte with oat milk. I am never unhappy with the quality of the food, the drinks or, more importantly, the people of Golden Boy. 

2. Vidorra has the best birria red tacos. Wait no, the best Mexican food that has ever laid on my taste buds. First, you have to start with the queso, served at 400 degrees Farenheit in a molcajete. Then, the birria red tacos are a must-have: a red corn tortilla with beef birria, cilantro and oaxaca cheese that you dip into a beef consommé. If you have a party bigger than three, I would suggest getting a reservation a week ahead. I prefer Vidorra’s Deep Ellum location over the one in Addison. A bonus aspect: No matter where you sit, it always feels like a patio. 

3. Soup dumplings have been and will always be my favorite food. Everywhere I travel, I have to find the best soup dumpling in the area and compare it to the others on my list. (The best one I have had was Hutong in Melbourne, if you’re curious.) The best in DFW is from Monkey King Noodle Company on the corner of Main Street and Walton Street of Deep Ellum with the big garage doors. Monkey King is for those craving immense flavors with a side of a sunny day.

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