#SJW2021: The Sidekick celebrates Scholastic Journalism Week

Nandini Muresh, Staff Photographer

Scholastic Journalism Week is an annual week-long event that showcases the work of student journalists and emphasizes the importance of scholastic journalism. Every year, the Journalism Education Association (JEA) assigns SJW for a week in February, and this year, SJW is from Feb. 21-27. The 2021 theme for SJW is “What We Do Matters,” and it is a response to the extreme amounts of criticism that surrounds the media. 

During SJW, each day is associated with a theme or lesson. Sunday’s “Diversity Matters” theme explains the importance of diversity for everything from the staff to the content that is published. On Monday, “Why Do We Do What We Do” explains the importance of scholastic journalists. Tuesday’s theme “Local Journalism Matters” dives deeper into Monday’s lesson and demonstrates how relevant information is consumed by the public. Wednesday follows with “Issues Matter,” discussing how not all journalism is pretty and the media has to sensitively address both the good and the bad. Taking a step out, Thursday’s theme “Beyond Scholastic Journalism” elaborates on students finding a future in journalism and media.

To reflect back on where it all started in 1969, Friday’s lesson “What They Did Mattered” is about Mary Beth Tinker and her family who fought for student voices to be heard from behind school gates through journalism. Wrapping up the week, Saturday is “Leadership Matters,” because being a journalist opens up many new opportunities for students to be leaders and take initiative. The Sidekick has been celebrating SJW by dedicating one story a day to the daily lesson or theme and discussing the different elements of scholastic journalism each day.

Watch The Sidekick staff photographer Nandini Muresh’s video on how CHS celebrated Scholastic Journalism Week this year. The Sidekick’s visual media editor Lilly Gorman, staff writer Joanne Kim, photo assignment editor Tracy Tran and social media manager Blanche Harris all share what journalism means to them and how these aspects have shaped them as individuals.

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