Student of the Week: Diggikar reflects on over two years of work


Lilly Gorman

Coppell High School junior Poojitha Diggikar is the Student Council vice president for the class of 2022. Diggikar works with her peers to improve CHS during the pandemic.

Mel Venegas, Staff Writer

Coppell High School junior Student Council vice president Poojitha Diggikar has been on Student Council more than two and a half years. She balances her commitment to the organization with several other responsibilities.

Why did you choose to be on the Student Council?

I chose to be on the Student Council because I saw it as an opportunity to learn important skills, like how to work with other people. [It is] a chance to give back to my school and see the ways I could impact my peers. 

What have you learned from Student Council?

I definitely have learned how to set a goal, achieve that goal and how to improve [my] leadership skills. It’s helped me get a closer look at what our school really does, both for the members at our school and others in the community. I’ve been able to see how we show appreciation for teachers, how we help students out at our school and how we create a bigger impact on Coppell.

What Student Council accomplishments are you most proud of this year? 

I’m really glad we were still able to do the canned food drive and help out in a hygiene drive, so we are still able to get some of those things done. Along with the canned food drive, the toy drive went on, too. I’m glad that, especially in this time when people are in need the most, we were able to help some people out by having those drives. 

What aspects of your job are challenging?

Over the course of this year, being in this new distance learning setting has definitely thrown some challenges at us. It’s been more difficult to communicate with other people in Student Council and get things done. It’s been a learning experience to figure out how to work around those challenges.

What are some of your interests outside of Student Council?

I’m into art, and I also play piano. In my spare time, I like to read, and I’m also in Academic Decathlon.

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