Counting down Coppell’s top 10 outdoor dining restaurants

Manasa Mohan, Staff Writer

While a pandemic has thrown a wrench into many of our dining plans, outdoors is still the safest way to go when it comes to eating at restaurants. These 10 Coppell restaurants have implemented numerous protocols to ensure customers will remain safe during their visit while having amazing outdoor patios.

J. Macklin’s Grill – Address: 130 N Denton Tap Road, Phone Number: (972) 393-0200
A grill-centered restaurant that features a wide variety of menu items ranging from salmon to burgers to salads, J. Macklin’s Grill is highly rated across numerous platforms. Customers often mention the high quality of the service and food, the great selection and their phenomenal outdoor dining space.
Hard Eight BBQ – Address: 688 Freeport Parkway, Phone Number: (972) 471-5462
Hard Eight BBQ is a Texas-style barbeque restaurant with a rustic setting. Customers often travel to Coppell just to dine at Hard Eight BBQ for the food, experience and of course the outdoor patio area, which is spacious and comforting.
Eno’s Pizza Tavern – Address: 3111 Olympus Boulevard, Phone Number: (469) 993-0399
Eno’s Pizza Tavern opened in 2019 and is a casual dining restaurant located in the heart of The Sound. It is referred to as one of the best pizza restaurants in the Cyprus Waters area with high quality service. In fact, Eno’s Pizza Tavern is the only pizza restaurant located in the Cyprus Waters area. Although all of those elements are fantastic, the incredibly unique component of Eno’s Pizza Tavern is its incredible outdoor patio, which overlooks the stunning lake in the center of The Sound.
Ascension Coffee – Address: 3121 Olympus Boulevard, Phone Number: (972) 863-3000
Ascension Coffee is a coffee shop with European cafe-type food and a relaxed atmosphere. Similar to Eno’s Pizza Tavern, Ascension Coffee is located in The Sound and its beautiful patio has a great view of the lake.
Rodeo Goat at Cypress Waters – Address: 9610 Wharf Road, Phone Number: (972) 440-1530
Rodeo Goat is a family-friendly restaurant with a menu featuring various burger options that will satisfy everyone. Rodeo Goat has a patio located directly over the lake at the edge of The Sound.
Zoës Kitchen – Address: 120 S Denton Tap Road, Phone Number: (972) 745-0123
Zoës Kitchen is a unique Mediterranean restaurant. The patio is quite large, and although it overlooks the very busy Denton Tap Road, it is far enough that the noise is not very distracting.
Black Walnut Cafe – Address: 775 N Denton Tap Road, Phone Number: (972) 459-9790
Black Walnut’s patio has numerous tables and chairs and is large compared to the other patios on the list. The patio itself is sleek, minimalistic and chic, using a lot of black and white with pops of color in the umbrellas, creating a terrific ambiance for guests. The quiet nature of the patio creates a comfortable and cozy setting that is perfect for family and friends.
JC’s Burger Bar – Address: 160 W Sandy Lake Road, Phone Number: (972) 304-1300
Contrary to its name, JC’s Burger Bar offers tacos, salads, soups, sandwiches and of course, their wide variety of burgers. Customers rave about the high quality customer service, food and welcoming atmosphere the restaurant offers. People also love its outdoor dining space for the family-friendly feel it creates through its menu and comfortable, laid back setting.
Sunny Street Cafe – Address: 140 W Sandy Lake Road, Phone Number: 972) 304-1000
Sunny Street Cafe is a breakfast-oriented restaurant. It offers seasonal specials, such as pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin chip muffins and – with COVID-19 circumstances – has takeout, delivery and a dine-in restaurant. The patio is open and welcoming with bright colored umbrellas, which create a lovely atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.
Torchy’s Tacos – Address: 7855 Las Colinas Ridge, Irving, Phone Number: (214) 743-8565
Torchy’s Tacos has a menu that includes tacos bound to fit your wants, in addition to salads, burritos, chips and queso, desserts and more. The restaurant has a beautiful and large outdoor dining space that is pet-friendly and seats numerous guests for large gatherings. Customers give glowing praise about the atmosphere of the Torchy’s Tacos patio with its aesthetically pleasing bulb lights, wood furniture and bright red outdoor umbrellas to tie everything together.

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