Mayor approves proclamation naming Dec. 8 as “Nancy Yingling Appreciation Day”


Alex Jimenez Enero

Coppell Mayor Karen Hunt approved the proclamation for “Nancy Yingling Appreciation Day” for Dec. 8, 2020. On Tuesday, the council also passed an amendment to protect neighborhood pools for unauthorized guests and prevent possible drownings.

Drishti Gupta, Staff Writer

On Tuesday,  Coppell Mayor Karen Hunt approved a Proclamation naming Dec. 8, 2020 as “Nancy Yingling Appreciation Day” due to Yingling’s service toward the community, contribution to the council and dedication to Coppell. 

Yingling served as a Council member since 2014 and retired Tuesday. 

“My life has evolved and changed a lot since I started on council,” Yingling said. “Both of my children have graduated from college, both of my parents have passed on and my husband has taken on exciting new job responsibilities and commitments at work.”

Before she leaves her position in the council, she shares advice with her other council members. 

“It has been a great six and a half years but now it’s time to say goodbye,” Yingling said. “I have found that sometimes in order to grow you have to move on. I wish you all the best success as you move forward and I ask that you always remember two things when you walk into a meeting: always keep an open mind and how will it best serve the city as a whole.”

The city council also adopted  the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code with local amendments. The International Swimming Pool and Spa code focuses on pool safety through barriers, configured drains and equipment and specified depth requirements for diving and other features of a pool. 

The council approved a local amendment to protect communities with horizontal fences surrounding their neighborhood pools to prevent unauthorized guests entering the facility. It states vehicular gates cannot be part of the fence enclosure. 

“The comprehensive pool regulations in this code could save lives,” City of Coppell chief building official Suzzane Arnold said. 

Through the adoption of the amended code, Coppell can ensure protection of citizens from drowning hazards and other injuries associated with pools. 

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