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Samantha Freeman

Benevolence by Design is a necklace business founded by Coppell High School seniors Mariez Luka and Nausheen Ahmed. The business was created this summer to donate to charities that aid in COVID-19 relief

Torie Peck, Staff Writer

Coppell High School seniors Mariez Luka and Nausheen Ahmed have been friends ever since they walked through the doors of Coppell Middle School East. Over the span of seven years, the two have grown an unbreakable friendship through their mutual love of art and benevolence. Inspired by their community, Luka and Ahmed decided to start a business benefiting charities helping with COVID-19 relief.

Currently, both are members of Artemis, a CHS club to discuss current events, and National Art Honor Society, which implements art and volunteering into a singular organization. Through these extracurriculars, the girls have learned how to use their love of art and kindness to help others.

“We were discussing the state of the

current pandemic and how people were contributing by making masks,” Luka said. “We wanted to make something creative on our own to contribute and make a small impact [towards COVID-19]. We came to the idea of jewelry making and fell in love with it.

After lots of research, hardwork and determination, Luka and Ahmed created their business: Benevolence By Design. They sell small, handmade necklaces via Etsy and 100% of profits are donated towards COVID-19 relief. The girls also run an Instagram and Pinterest account.

“We did a lot of research on beneficial charities that would’ve made a good impact on the problems that are happening because of the pandemic,” Ahmed said. “We brainstormed ideas of the theme behind the business, the goal and the aim. We also researched how to manage the business, marketing and everything.”

Benevolence has a line of seven necklaces, each for $15. The necklaces are made using resin, gold chains and other materials which they buy in bulk from Amazon and Hobby Lobby. Once the necklaces are made they sit for two days in order to allow the resin to settle.

To officially start their business, the girls needed support from family and friends. 

“We weren’t old enough to open an account to sell [the necklaces] on Etsy. My dad [Nasim Ahmed] opened the Etsy account for us, and that’s where we sell all of our products,” Ahmed said. “We also got help from [CHS senior photographer Yusra Mohammed], who photographed all of our products on different models.”

Luka and Ahmed have been friends with Mohammed for several years. Once Mohammed heard they were starting a business, she reached out to see how she could help. Mohammed used her own client base to find models who would be willing to shoot Benevolence products.

Benevolence by Design is a necklace business founded by Coppell High School seniors Mariez Luka and Nausheen Ahmed. The business was created this summer to donate to charities that aid in COVID-19 relief. (Samantha Freeman)

Over the summer, Luka and Ahmed created most of their products and photos and prepared for a blossoming business. Over the weekends, Luka and Ahmed spend time to ship orders and plan ahead for the coming week. With most of the necklaces already made, the girls can focus on school, extracurriculars and college applications throughout the week.

“We make time over the weekend or breaks to focus on Benevolence [in order to] run efficiently,” Ahmed said. “It does get overwhelming at times, but for the most part we manage it well.”

Each week, the girls update the business’s social media accounts with pre-shot photos.

“We wanted to contribute to [charities] that aid in the coronavirus, whether with food or PPE for healthcare workers,” Luka said. “Once we reach our money goal we will decide on a specific one to donate to and post about it on our Instagram.”

The company’s goal is to collect between $400-500 which will be donated to a carefully selected charity. The girls are currently leaning towards Operations USA and Action Against Hunger.

Over the past few months, Luka’s and Mohammed’s efforts have allowed them to create a successful business and come close to reaching their goal. 

“Being able to actually start [a business] in the middle of the pandemic and giving money back to these charities to help people around us, it’s something that’s very difficult to do,” Mohammed said. “You have to have a lot of determination, time and effort to put into starting a business. It shows that we are very motivated and determined, to start something and actually make it work.”

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