Swim back in water for intrasquad meet


Precious Onalaja

Coppell junior Claire Jiang warms up for the intrasquad meet on Nov. 21 at the YMCA. After Coppell High School was limited to virtual learning only for five days, the Coppell swimming team returned to action on Friday with an intrasquad meet at the Coppell YMCA.

Sreeja Mudumby, Communications Manager

The Coppell swimming team jumped back into the water on Nov. 21 for an intrasquad meet. With some people in and some people out of practice, times differed from individual to individual.

“It really varied,” Coppell junior Kaia Miller said. “Some people did do a little better and some people did do a little bit worse, but some of us still did get the best time.”

Swimmers were back in the pool after a while due to the school shutdown, and the lack of practice led to drops in time.

“Regarding my 200 backstroke which I haven’t done since freshman year, I dropped a little less than 20 seconds” Coppell senior Shreya Tirumala said. “And my 100 backstroke I dropped a good second in my time. The issue is since I have been out of the water for five months, I had to start from square one again with my training for 100 backstroke so now i’m trying to drop time and get back to where I was” 

With the absence of JV swimmers, the team had more options in what they wanted to swim, making the meet shorter and more compact. 

“Overall it was a nice varsity bonding time as well because I got to see other new faces I wouldn’t have seen before because I would be too busy swimming and it was really nice to just get together with the team,” Tirumala said. 

Swimmers hope to get back on track with consistent training, and beat personal times. 

“I definitely hope that pools will be open, and we will all be able to get new best records and overall drops in time,” Miller said. 


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