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Chlorine may make the water cleaner, but comes at price

Chlorine may make the water cleaner, but comes at price

December 18, 2015

Avery Davis Staff Writer @avery2018   Swimmers are used to the small amounts of chlorine used to kill the bacteria that would otherwise thrive in the public water of the pool. But as with anything, too much of the chemical can be harmful, even fatal. Students at Coppell High School belon...

Hayden Henry moves on to state, wrapping up incredible season

Hayden Henry moves on to state, wrapping up incredible season

February 23, 2012

By Jordan Bickham Staff Writer With records broken and many members who got to compete in regionals, the Coppell varsity swim team has definitely had a very successful season.  Not only has the team had an incredible season, but it has one swimmer standing out from the rest with junior Hayden Henry. Henry...

Swim team attends district meet in Southlake

January 27, 2012

By Caroline Carter Staff Writer On Jan. 28, the Coppell High School varsity swim team will attend a district competition in Southlake. The meet is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. and will be held at the natatorium in Southlake. The swim team hopes to score high in this meet and then attend the regional...

The annual fundraiser of “flocking” returns

November 9, 2011

By Jay Carroll Staff Writer The Coppell Swim Team's annual  tradition of "Flocking" is back! I noticed this when my neighbors were flocked, and the next night my house was flocked as well. Five years ago, the tradition of flocking began. At the time I thought it was kind of stupid; how does s...

Swim team’s annual fundraiser begins

November 4, 2011

By Caroline Carter Staff Writer Next week, it will not be uncommon to see yards of house in Coppell covered with pink flamingos. The CHS swim team will begin their annual Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser today. How it works is that the swimmers will place a flock of pink flamingos in front of a h...

CHS swim team shares a successful season

January 14, 2011

Laura Kattilakoski Staff Writer While swim team is not a common spectator sport, for those involved with the team it is a fun and exciting way to get involved with the school. For some members, the team aspect is what matter most, while other swimmers thrive at competition. “The best part ...

Coppell Swim Team

December 13, 2010

Laura Kattilakoski Staff Writer The Coppell High School swim team will be competing against Marcus High School this Tuesday, December 14. It is a home meet, taking place at the local YMCA. Swim team has been working hard all season, with frequent practice and swim meets. They have also competed at meets as recently as ...

Chlorine levels put swim team at risk

January 12, 2010

By Ellen Cameron Staff Writer Sports are dangerous. Football is considered one of the most dangerous sports of all, given that head injuries happen like clockwork. Even golf is dangerous, given that golfers often go out in inclement weather with the equivalent of a lightning rod. What most people...