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  • The Senior Awards Ceremony is on May 21 in the CHS Arena
  • AP and IB testing ends on May 20
Coppell Motor Sports Club revs up for a new year

Coppell Motor Sports Club revs up for a new year

Akif Abidi, Staff Writer January 7, 2018

  The Coppell Motor Sports Club workshop is one of the rather remarkable places found at CHS. One can sense the buzz of excitement as one enters the Coppell Motorsports Club workshop. Often...

Coppell High School’s solar car team has built the car “Aurora” over the past 6 years, every year making changes to improve chances of placing in annual races. This year, club members will be driving their new vehicle “Outlaw” from Texas Motor Speedway to Minneapolis over the course of the six day race.

Countdown begins for Solar Car

Avery Davis, Staff Writer February 12, 2016

Students’ plans for next Monday probably include sleeping in, watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. For members of Coppell High School’s Solar Car Team, however, the day will start early....

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