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Teacher Feature: Teachers struggle to teach literature “by the book”

March 11, 2011

Zach Sherman English Teacher Sometimes English teachers ruin books. We emphasize quantity more than quality, discuss too many “devices,” refuse to let a book be a book. When I say “we” I really mean “I” because I know I’ve done this and regretted it later. I’ve wanted students to see so much that, ironically, I...

English teachers challenge seniors to be ‘reader leaders’

January 15, 2010

Blog by Daphne Chen Last week, English teacher Nannette McMurtry presented her AP English Literature classes with a new second semester project: the Independent Reading Project, whose objective she summarized as "Read Books, Talk about Books, Share Books with Others." Feeling that her students...

On the battlefield: Internet vs. novels

October 15, 2009

By Rebecca Fowler Staff Writer What is your status? You know what I’m talking about. Not your class rank, mood or physical location, but something much more exciting: your favorite quote on Facebook or your minute-to-minute action on Twitter. It is logical that as society changes our vocabula...