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Riots over independent film continue to rock the Arab world

September 18, 2012

By Thomas Hair Opinions Editor In recent years, the Arab Spring shook the foundation of many Middle Eastern countries. Now, another wave of violence and rage has swept the already-precarious Arabic World as a result of an obscure American short film published online. This film, entitled "The Inn...

Wisconsin Protests

February 28, 2011

Chris Cummins Staff Writer Wisconsin Protests Protests seem to becoming a staple of world news in 2011. Egypt and Wisconsin, places once thought of as the most unlikely...

The Last Pharaoh

February 28, 2011

Chris Cummins Staff Writer Egyptian Uprising During the week of January 24, Egypt erupted. The poor and middle class, tired of repression by police, the armed forces, artificially high food prices, and the absence of free speech laws, flocked to Tahir Square, a famous landmark of Egypt, and a traditional site for protesters to meet and air their grie...