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‘Albert Nobbs’ comes to Fort Worth, recognizes support

Photo by Mary Whitfill

January 11, 2012

    By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor Hollywood came to Fort Worth on Sunday, bringing with it cinematic royalty and a film that is already pushing boundaries and opening minds. Albert Nobbs, Glenn Close’s newest film, held a private screening at the Modern Art Mus...

Henry splashes his way to victory

December 16, 2011

Madison Ford Entertainment Editor Swimming, one of the most rigorous sports at Coppell High School, maintains a low-key reputation. However, the challenges of competitive swimming are being brought to light, and junior Hayden Henry is leading the way, breaking five school records this year alo...

CHS knows value of thrifting

CHS knows value of thrifting

October 11, 2011

By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor Sometimes, shopping takes a leap of faith. However, for some Coppell High School students, this journey outside the typical consumer comfort zone reaps numerous rewards. This desire for a unique shopping experience is what lands them in thrift stores and they boas...

Theme days reflect student creativity, interests

September 20, 2011

By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor With homecoming week under way, the traditional 'theme' days have allowed many students to show their school spirit by dressing according to each day's theme. This year's homecoming theme is 'Please Don't Stop the Music', and the theme days that accompany...

Ghosts of entertainment past

Graphic by Brian Hwu

September 15, 2011

By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor Lizzie McGuire is pregnant and Louis Stevens fights Transformers. While in reality it is the actors who played these childhood icons, Hilary Duff and Shia Labeouf, respectively, who are now expecting a child or staring in summer blockbusters, the transformat...

Renaissance right around the corner

September 14, 2011

By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor The first Renaissance lunch of the year at Coppell High School is fast approaching. Lists have been posted outside Student Services of students who qualify for participating in Renaissance lunches this semester. Renaissance lunches allow students to have...

Freshman dance approaches

September 6, 2011

By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor While the beginning of the school year is often focused on preparations for the homecoming dance, the annual Freshman Dance is sometimes eclipsed. However, this year the Coppell High School Red Jackets are motivated to make this year's freshman kick off dance...

Bond brings renovations to Coppell

September 1, 2011

By Madison Ford Entertainment Editor Friday night lights are about to get a little more spectacular at Coppell High School football games. But at what price? The new scoreboard is one of the many projects carried out with bond money the district received from local taxpayers. While this scoreb...

College crunch time

August 30, 2011

Madison Ford Entertainment Editor In an effort to help seniors effectively apply to college, the counseling staff met with seniors during their English classes today in order to outline requirements and answer questions about the application process. Students were directed to rooms where their...

Paradigm sets musical path

May 25, 2011

Madison Ford Staff Writer Coppell High School has seen many bands in its time, from the CHS marching band to the many garage bands formed among students. While each musical group has its differences, they all share one common bond: success. The Paradigm is no exception. The Paradigm was established...

World of woes

May 9, 2011

Madison Ford Staff Writer Who do you call when your country is in peril? What country holds the responsibility of the protector? It seems this burden, or perhaps privilege, has fallen on the United States.  However, the United States’ penchant for aiding other nations comes under fire at...