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Students stick with Starbucks for studying

February 26, 2010

Rebecca Neumann Staff Writer As long as homework, quizzes and tests have existed, so have study groups to help students keep up. However, many CHS students realize while these groups are necessary, their choices of places to study are limited. Some students, such as senior Shaan Patel, study at the Coppell public library to avoid distractions. “I usually go to the library an...

New frozen yogurt fad satisfies Coppell’s sweet tooth

January 29, 2010

by Divya Kumar News Editor The widespread appeal of frozen yogurt can be seen by the openings of multiple stores selling the dessert in local areas. Tappy’s Yogurt in Lewisville, Yogurt Zone in Valley Ranch and the recently-opened Cherry on Top in Coppell are among some of the new locations wher...

New frozen yogurt joint “Cherry On Top” opens to add a little flavor to Coppell

January 29, 2010

by Henna Khan Staff Writer           Caramel, vanilla, peach tart yogurt galore…so many flavors to choose from, what is one to do?  With its chic and trendy décor and wallet friendly prices, Cherry On Top has made its way from California all the way down to suburban Coppell. Located not far from Coppell High School at 110 West Sandy Lake Road near iFratelli...