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My favorite movies of 2009

January 8, 2010

By Wren Culp Staff Writer Everyone seems to be making a “Top of the last year” list so I feel that in my reporter career, I should do one of these. And I am going to do one about movies. So these are the top five movies that I saw in the glorious year of 2009. (These are in a random order) Movie...

Latest Guilty Pleasures ’09: Pop Divas

December 9, 2009

By Angela Almeida Opinions Editor Before 2010 is welcomed into our adolescent lives, I believe it to be  important to reflect on a few recent things that have been rather defining. Putting aside good or bad, sometimes guilty is all relative. The list of the following are a compilation of some Pop...

The question is no longer up for debate

November 20, 2009

It’s undeniable. We cannot debate it any longer. And on Sunday night we got the defining reason on why the Indianapolis Colts are the best football team in the league right now. This season the argument has come down between two teams, the Colts and the Saints. Let’s look at how each team did ...

2009, 2010 Winter Fashions

November 13, 2009

By Mary Whitfill Staff Writer The country is pulling itself out of a depression and the fashion world is rocking as this season’s shows predict what 2010 fashions will look like. Over the knee / knee high boots are showing up everywhere this season. The boots can be dressed up or down, an...