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Photo Courtesy Varsha Chintapenta

Coppell High School senior Varsha Chintapenta shows off her acceptance banner to The University of Texas at Austin. Chintapenta is attending UT for industrial design this fall.

Varsha Chintapenta

Why did you decide to go into industrial design?

I’ve been doing art ever since I was a kid. I didn’t want to do painting or drawing as a career because that’s really risky, so I wanted to do industrial design because it’s very technology-based. It involves different types of design, freelancing, all that stuff. I’ve been very interested in web design lately. I also think it’s very fit for my personality because I’m more analytical than symbolic and traditional. 

What impact has this career path had on your life?

Nothing much yet, because I haven’t done the real design stuff yet and I don’t know much. After college, it will help me a lot, but right now, I’ve just been learning. I’ve been trying to find internships, but obviously, that’s a little difficult at this time. 

Why did you choose The University of Texas at Austin?

UT just made the most sense. Not just money-wise, but also the connections they have with internships. It’s also better for me to be in a university because I also want to do a minor in business. If I went to an art school, I wouldn’t have that opportunity, because all the courses are art-related. UT is known for [McCombs School of Business], and I think studying business would help me in the future. I’ve always been very interested in business. 

Have you always been interested in design specifically?

No, I actually didn’t know much about design until two years ago. I did portfolio classes [at Dream Art Studio in Carrollton] because you have to submit portfolios to art schools. [The class] is basically a time to set aside and work on your portfolio so you’re not getting sidetracked or you don’t procrastinate, because you have to submit 12-24 pieces to every art program you apply to. My teacher was telling me more about [design], and that’s when I got interested.