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Sydney Rowe

Plato’s Closet

Among the five other stores, Plato’s Closet is most comparable to Uptown Cheapskate. As another curated secondhand store, Plato’s Closet also lets its customers sell their own clothing for cash. With similar prices to Uptown Cheapskate, there was also a similar selection of current, name-brand clothing such as Hollister, American Eagle and Nike.

Sydney Rowe

However, the overall demographic of Plato’s Closet felt much younger than that of Uptown Cheapskate, with the targeted age feeling more like middle schoolers to early high school students. Even with the slightly more expensive prices compared to Thrift Giant or Goodwill, there were still heavily discounted items, such as lululemon shorts for $14. The men’s selection, compared to the women’s, is lacking, with maybe ⅕ of the store dedicated to male clothing.  

Organization: 3/5  

Price: $$$

Variety: ⅖  

Distance from Coppell High School: 7.8 miles

Address: 2311 Cross Timbers in Flower Mound