Voters pack Coppell City Hall for Super Tuesday


Pranati Kandi

Voters stand in line at the Coppell City Hall to vote on Super Tuesday. Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden won the Democratic Primary in Texas while President Donald Trump won the Republican Primary in Texas.

Nishant Medicharla, Business Manager

Yesterday, the Coppell City Hall was a safe haven for many Coppell residents voting in what is popularly called Super Tuesday. 

Super Tuesday for Texans and 13 other states means there “will be voting during the primaries on presidential candidates, U.S. Senate candidates, U.S. representatives, judges and party propositions” according to WFAA-TV. Super Tuesday usually provides more certainty of which candidate will receive their party’s nomination. 

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden won the Democratic Primary in Texas with 712,022 votes while President Donald Trump won the Republican Primary with 1,887,279 votes. 

In the U.S. House 24th Congressional District (northwest Dallas, Carrollton, Coppell, Irving, DFW Airport, Southlake and Colleyville) former Republican Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne is on top with 31,625 votes while Democrats Kim Olson and Candace Venezuela are leading in the democratic primaries and advancing into the runoff. 

Voter turnout was high yesterday in Coppell as there was a line spewing out of Coppell City Hall. 

For many voters, a chance at voting meant securing a better future for their family. 

“We have to make sure that our future is going to be secure,” Coppell voter Ana Sanchez said. “So when it comes to [voting], that’s what I focus on as a mom. I focus towards the future of my kids not mine, because I’m grown, I already lived, I already know how this works.” 

For other voters, Super Tuesday is a momentous occasion as it was a chance for some to have their voices heard for the very first time. 

“It feels really great obviously because for years, especially since the 2016 election, I felt kind of like I haven’t had as big a voice as people that were older than me, because I wasn’t able to actually put my vote in and let my voice be heard,” Coppell High School senior Maya Mohan said. “So I feel like now this is my opportunity to show America what I believe and [that] even one vote could make a difference.” 


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