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Sydney Rowe

Myungrang Hot Dog in Carrollton’s Koreatown serves steaming hot cheese dogs filled with mozzarella alongside other Korean side dishes. Myungrang Hot Dog is one of many restaurants in Koreatown, offering a taste into the foods found traditionally in Korea.

Sampling part of Korea in Carrollton

CARROLLTON – Located in Carrollton is a strip of establishments, informally boasting the name Koreatown. From an all-encompassing grocery store with its own food court, numerous specialty dessert locations and bakeries, the options seem almost overwhelming at times. With a look into eight different food locations, this guide will help you decide where to go when you are feeling hungry on your next venture into Koreatown. 

Wicked Snow
Myungrang Hot Dog
O’hana Dumpling House in H-Mart
Crepes and Waffles BaeBae in H-Mart
Mozart Bakery