Board meeting discusses the redefinition of success in school system


Anika Arutla

The Strategic Design Advocacy team presents a video during the Coppell ISD board meeting on Monday at the Vonita White Administration Building. The Coppell High School cross country teams and band were also recognized for their achievements.

Sapna Amin, Staff Writer

Monday evening at the Vonita White Administration Building, the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees came together and discussed the updates of the Strategic Design group. They are implementing new ideas to redefine what success means to the education system in Coppell.

Representatives from the Strategic Design team talked about their “solutions to how we make collective engagement irresistible,” according to their mission statement.

They are actively working towards organizing brainstorming sessions that bring together parents, students and community members.

The solution statements have recently been created and incorporate the core values that they have decided as a team.

“Students are most than a test number,” Coppell ISD Superintendent Brad Hunt said. 

The Strategic Design team recognized that campuses and departments have different environments and are acclimating to their specific needs. 

The team is not just talking about or thinking of ideas. The trustees expressed their appreciation for them creating change and taking action.

The strategic design team said, “Teachers are being more observant and noticing the challenges and barriers that students face and finding solutions by problem solving.”

According to the Strategic Design team, teachers are working on getting students involved in their work and making lessons and the teaching styles more engaging. They don’t want their education and passion to be two separate successes. They believe that the combination will lead students to be passionate about learning.

Another goal is to incorporate different types of social media so they are better able to communicate with the community to see what they want. 

“I notice the traction of your plan and see the community engagement growing. I love that you are taking viable action,” trustee Leigh Walker said.

An example of CISD redefining success is the board recognizing the Cowgirls and Cowboys cross country state qualifying teams, as well as the Coppell varsity band placing sixth at the Bands of America St. Louis Super Regionals.

CISD associate superintendent Sid Grant was next to speak about approving several facility plans. All of his motions passed with 7-0 votes.

Grant showed reports about facilities, curriculum and technology that looked at when facilities were first built, all the times they had been replaced and the next estimated time it would be replaced.

The district plans on taking a deeper look and not just focusing on the growth population of kids. CISD is taking a step back and looking at it more comprehensively.

The biannual fall demographic report shows the boundary realignment and rezoning. 

“CISD will continue to experience growth from the enrollment of students because of the strong local economy we have,” Grant said.

Grant mentioned the example of Lesley Field being replaced. It was built in the 1960s and has since been renovated. The board came to the conclusion that the restrooms and concession stands needs to be replaced with the help of the city.

“Coppell has funded so many projects and we owe our gratitude to the city,” trustee Thom Hulme said. 

“The city is spending taxpayer dollars well,” trustee Anthony Hill said. 

The leadership study of the relationship between teachers and students and how they apply to education systems. CISD is looking at different school districts in the area to get ideas.

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