Kinley passes, marches with equal passion


Sydney Rowe

Coppell senior wide receiver Nathan Kinley lines up with the referee at the beginning of a play on Friday against Irving Nimitz at Buddy Echols Field. Kinley balances the sport with his other passion for playing the trumpet.

Sreeja Mudumby, Staff writer

Halftime starts. He is pouring sweat as he races out of the football field. He runs back with his trumpet in his band uniform and joins the rest of the band to perform.

As soon as they are done delivering an applause-worthy performance, he runs and changes back into his football uniform and goes back to play in the game. 

This is the Friday night routine for Coppell senior Nathan Kinley. 

Sports and arts are two completely different subjects that both require time and energy. However, Kinley is a wide receiver on the Coppell varsity football team, as well as a trumpet player for the varsity marching band. Though enrolled in two of the school’s most time-consuming programs, it does not stop Kinley from showing equal dedication to the art and sport. 

“It’s a lot of hard work, but I try my best,” Kinley said. 

Kinley is required to go to three hours of football practice every day before school, as well as weekly games, which can last very late at night. Aside from the school-required hours, he needs to maintain a strong and well balanced lifestyle in order to put forth his best. 

Band requires musicians to be precise with their technique, but there is more work to be done than just memorizing notes. Musicians need to apply creative skills in order to make the piece sound dynamic. It is different from sports, but still requires the same amount of time commitment and dedication. With every day after-school practice that is two hours long, it is not an easy commitment. 

“I loved playing football,” Kinley said. “I have loved it since I was little and I have been in band since sixth grade, and I want to finish off my senior year strong,”

Band and football come together at football games. In every football game, the CHS band performs a halftime show. Kinley needs to participate in both playing the instrument and football in every single game. This is no easy task, but Kinley does not let anything get in the way. 

“Even though he plays on the football team, he still somehow manages to play halftime,” CHS sophomore trumpet player Zain Zaidi said. “Even though he is still playing, he manages to rush off and get himself into uniform and start marching”. 

Doing football and band, while managing all school work, is no easy feat. A daily routine filled with practices and rehearsals can account for loads of stress and pressure, but Kinely still manages to do it all with a happy smile.  

“[I look up to] his dedication and his spirit,” Zaidi said. “Before a competition, he would hype us up and make us feel better and we would feel really nice about performing”

One may feel the need to quit some activities in order to reduce stress, but with the right motivations, Kinley gained the zeal to persevere. Kinley’s nephew, Dillon who is 9 years old shares a close relationship with him, and is the reason for Kinley’s dedication. 

“[I am motivated by] my nephew,” Kinley said. “He looks up to me and I want to inspire him, to be the best that he can be”.


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