Gourd-geous pumpkins lining library

Student council holds pumpkin decorating contest


Neveah Jones

Coppell High School students participate in student council’s pumpkin carving contest in the CHS Library on Thursday during sixth period. The contest has three winners that will each receive a $25 visa gift card. The three winners were CHS junior Lily Lee, sophomore Andrea Torcates and sophomore Doojitha Diggikar.

Nicolas Reyes, Staff Writer

One of them sat there relaxing with a face mask on. Another simply smiled. Meanwhile, the bigger one devoured one of its young.

This year’s Coppell High School Student Council pumpkin decorating contest brought all sorts of pumpkins to the library as students vied for three $25 Visa gift cards. 

The competition, which took place on Thursday, was open to all students, so long as they registered and brought their painted or carved pumpkin to school. Teachers stopped by throughout the day to cast their votes.

Sophomore Andrea Torcates (1st), junior Lily Lee (2nd) and sophomore Poojitha Diggikar (3rd) took home the prizes on Friday.

For some contestants, this is the first time they have carved a pumpkin.

“My grandma really likes all things pumpkin,” CHS senior contestant Julia Bulgarelli said. “Every year, she’ll have her whole house decorated with pumpkins and every year she carves a pumpkin. She made me want to try it before I left for college. She taught my friends and I how to do it over FaceTime.” 

This is the second pumpkin carving contest hosted by student council. 

“We began this tradition last year, because we wanted to have an October event,” CHS senior liaison Mansi Patel said. “Student council tries to have events every month; this became our big October event.”

Though the contests are only separated by a year, plenty of differences could be seen between this year’s pumpkins and last year’s. 

“A lot of more people painted theirs last year,” Patel said. “For example, someone made the cookie monster. They had the mouth carved out and then they painted the pumpkin blue and added eyes. There was a lot of cartoon characters, and those were the ones that were most successful because of how unique they were.”

However, there were still some cartoon character pumpkins that could be seen sitting in the library this year.

“I really like the Venom comics and movies so my pumpkin so I based my pumpkin on that,” Bulgarelli said. “People have also said it looks like Jack Skellington.”


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