Hendrick named new girls lacrosse head coach


Anthony Onalaja

Coppell girls lacrosse coach Logan Hendricks joins Coppell junior Ella Jenkins, New Tech High @ Coppell sophomore Ryley Yeats and her team at 7 p.m. for a CrossFit session. This is Hendricks’ first year coaching the Coppell girls team.

Jillian Moore, Staff Writer

As the girls lacrosse team begins practicing for its 2020 season, the Coppell team reshapes with the introduction of head coach Logan Hendrick. After playing lacrosse in high school and college, Hendrick is bringing both a personal and professional approach to coaching. 

Hendrick previously coached for girls lacrosse in Highland Park for the past two seasons. She replaces Brandi Sellers as head coach after Sellers moved to Canada for her son’s hockey team.

Last year, the team did not qualify for districts after losing to five other teams, ending the season with a 0-5 record. This year, Hendrick hopes to help the team rebound. 

“We’re definitely in a little bit of a rebuilding season for sure, just kind of establishing our team’s culture. We have a ton of talent and we’re learning how to play as a team and play to our strengths,” Hendrick said. 

Hendrick coaches from personal experience. Her goal for the team is not only to become better players but better individuals and a more cohesive team. 

“Coaches, second to our parents and our teachers, just have a huge influence in our lives,” Hendrick said. “[Coaching] is my way of staying involved with the sport but also staying involved with the youth in our community and getting to see girls do something they’re passionate and excited about.” 

Since Hendrick began coaching, players have noticed improvements in both lacrosse skills as well as team unity due to Hendrick personal involvement. 

“Hendrick focuses on our plays and stick work which helps us tremendously because we now have an offense and defense to run,” Coppell High School sophomore Haley Wenzel said, “She is always there for us and always tries to involve herself in everything we do.”

After two seasons at Highland Park, Hendrick took the position in Coppell after hearing about the abundance of talent and interest in lacrosse. 

“The program specifically in Coppell is in a really great place because you guys have a ton of kids who are super excited to play and really want to know and learn the sport,” Hendrick said.  “I’ve been super lucky because [girls lacrosse] had some amazing coaches over the past couple years who have really instilled endurance and fundamentals into them which let me come in and work on a lot of decision making and strategy.” 

Hendrick also mentioned the opportunities present for lacrosse in Coppell are abundant because the sport has only been around in Coppell for a few years and is still searching for new players. 

“We have new people come and try [lacrosse], two so far, and I would say it’s a super encouraging environment to come and learn the sport,” Hendrick said. “It’s nice because lacrosse is super new to the area so it’s not like soccer, volleyball or basketball where people have been playing forever, so if you’re new, everyone’s new.” 

While team unity has improved, Hendrick also focuses on developing fundamental skills that have helped the team go 2-2 in their tournament last weekend. 

“The unique thing about Hendrick’s coaching is how disciplined but fun it is. You can tell she really does want us to do good, so she doesn’t let us slack off, but she cares so she also makes sure we have fun,” CHS sophomore Sadie Harp said. 

Aside from coaching, Hendrick works from home for an advertising company. 

“I work for the Goodway Group and it’s entirely online. I cover everything from the Hawaiian zoos to a lot of their national parks and services and we do all of their digital media. Our entire company works remotely so I get to work from home and take care of my baby during the day,” Hendrick said. 

As the season quickly approaches, Hendrick hopes not only to win games but also build a team that is supportive and encourages the girls to develop and reach their own goals. 

“[The team’s] goal that they set for themselves is to win a game. I think that will be achieved. They will definitely win a game. Being on the team teaches them how to be good friends to each other as well as overall good, kind people, which is my goal for them.” 

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