Car show gives people opportunity to bond, supports local businesses

Angela Yuan, Staff Writer

Rows upon rows of unique, open-hooded cars line the pavilion parking lot. People observe and chat, meandering between cars of all different ages and styles.

Hosted by Time Machine Car Shows and sponsored by local businesses, the sixth annual Coppell Car Show ran from 2 -6 p.m. in Old Town Coppell last Sunday. The car show first ran in 2013 and has been hosted annually since.

Participants could enter their cars into one of 26 categories, which cost $20 per entry. Winners were selected through open ballots. 

Many participants expressed enjoyment for the experience.

“This is probably one of the most organized car shows that [open car class winner Debra Cervera and I] have been to in a long time,” muscle car class winner Frank Cervera said. “[It was] very well put together.”

Participants and hosts alike found themselves interacting with each other over their shared love for cars.

“I grew up in the car show world,” host Brittany Clayton said. “You meet a lot of great people and they all become family and a lot closer than just friends.”

Proceeds from the show go to Coppell High School Solar Car Team. 

“A lot of the proceeds that we get, especially from sponsors or donors, go directly towards the team,” said CHS junior Michael Trondsen, treasurer for CHS Solar Car.

There were many stands at the car show selling products, all run by local businesses.

“We’re giving [the car show] $1 for every lemonade that we sell this time today,” Local Diner employee Janet Bradley said. “It gives us some marketing to let people know that we’re right here at the front of the entrance to the [Old Town Coppell Pavilion].”

For more information, visit the Coppell Car Show facebook page.

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