District schools receives grade scores based on STAAR tests

Board recognizes trustees Walker, Fisher for prestigious honors


Sydney Rowe

New Tech High @ Coppell senior Sikyra Castle receives congratulations for being voted Distributive Educational Clubs of America state president at a Coppell ISD board meeting. CISD representatives met at their board meeting on Monday at the Vonita White Administration Building and congratulated Castle and accomplished trustees in addition to speaking about educational progression within schools.

Nicolas Reyes, Staff Writer

On Monday night, the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees was presented the data of the most recent State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) tests. The results of the assessments were used by the state to give every school in the district a letter grade in different categories.

Overall, CISD received an A as its overall score.

Every school in the district scored an A in “Accountability” and “Ratings for Achievements”, save Wilson Elementary School which received a B in both categories. The elementary school also fell behind other schools in the category “Measuring the School Progress Domain” where it received a C; New Tech High @ Coppell received a D in that category. Wilson received a C in the “Closing the Gaps Domain.”

Board members expressed concern towards some of the grades given. Because of this, principals and educators will continue to expand cooperation between schools with the hope that schools scoring higher in certain areas will be able to help other schools with helpful strategies. 

Other initiatives include the increased use of iStation, a comprehensive e-learning program, and the buying of more books for individual classrooms to promote reading. CISD will also be focused on offering a more comprehensive and personalized learning environment.

Both Coppell High School Theater and CHS Choir had international trips approved by the board. 

In other news, New Tech High junior Sikyra Castle was recognized by Board Trustees for being elected the President of the Texas Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), the largest student-run business organization in the world. Castle was elected into office last spring and became the first CISD student to become president of the organization. 

Two more awards were handed out during the meeting. 

CISD trustee Leigh Walker was given the Lifetime Member of the Leadership Texas Association of School Boards (LTASB) Alumni Association Award. To earn the award, Walker was first chosen for the highly selective program and underwent 10 months of course work, including bookwork and research projects. 

Because of Walker’s achievement, CISD now has more TASB alumni than any other school board in the state. 

CISD School Board member Tracy Fisher was also recognized at the meeting. Fisher was awarded the TASB Leadership Award for her work in advocating for public education. From testifying in front of state legislators to writing letters to state representatives, Fisher is actively involved in promoting local goals at the state level. 

Towards the end of the meeting, it was confirmed that Theater is traveling to Edinburgh, Scotland. This destination offers a contrast to the regular destinations of the program which include New York City, London and Orlando, Fla. Unlike previous years, this trip will take place during the summer instead of the usual spring break date. This is due to the hectic schedule theatre competitions create in the spring. 

The choir will likewise be traveling to the United Kingdom, but they will instead be visiting London. The choir will be holding fundraising events throughout the year in order to aid students with the cost of the trip. 

The 2016 bond allocated money for every building in CISD, save Canyon Elementary and three administrative buildings, for the “wireless needs to be refreshed”. At the end of the meeting, General Datatech, L.P. (GDT) was approved to complete the wireless upgrades. The cost is to not exceed $2,500,000.


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