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Coppell High School senior Katherine Roy will attend Texas Woman’s University (TWU) this fall as a nursing major. With her drive to help others, Roy hopes to make the most out of her college years doing what she loves.

Why did you choose this career path?

I’ve always loved helping people, and my mom, Leena Roy, is also a nurse at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Texas.. I’ve grown up watching her do her work as well as shadowed multiple nurses. I really like the work environment and getting the opportunity to help people as well.

What interests you the most about nursing?

The thing that interests me the most about nursing is how you’re always constantly busy and doing something, whether it’s simply working with a patient or taking care of busy work in general. There’s always room to do more, whether it’s studying or working towards advancing my job into a nurse practitioner. The hard work will push me to work harder in the end.

What were thinking when you got into the nursing school?

I was really excited not only to get into the nursing school but the honors college as well. I was also told that I would be given a full ride, which made me more relieved that I barely had to pay anything at all. In my head, I was mainly thinking, “my parents are going to be really happy to hear this,” and the honors program [at TWU] tends to give out a lot of money to students, which I’m so grateful for.

What about your major will be challenging ?

Keeping up a high GPA is going to be one of my biggest challenges throughout college. Maintaining a high GPA is a good thing to have, especially when going straight into a nursing school because my classes will be really hard. I also think meeting people will be a challenge for me just because [TWU] will be a new school for me with tons of people who I’ve never met before.

What experience do you have with nursing?

In high school, I took a health science class. Outside of school, I have shadowed as a nurse in multiple hospitals to get experience and a clearer idea of what I was getting myself into. I’ve really enjoyed my past experiences in the medical field which has encouraged me to learn more about my future every day.

What are you most looking forward to while pursuing nursing?

I’m looking forward to becoming independent and having more freedom than I’ve had. Also, even though meeting [new classmates on campus] seems scary to me, I’m excited to make new friends who I’ll potentially know and talk to for the rest of my life.

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