“Fighting with my Family,” Not an average wrestling movie


Photo Courtesy: Julie Pfister, Moroch

The sports drama film Fighting with my Family follows the journey of the Saraya “Paige” Knight and her journey to becoming a World Wrestling Entertainment Diva Champion. Fighting with my Family premiered publically on Feb 22.

Shreya Beldona, Staff Writer

Expecting another movie depicting the classic rise to stardom, I was pleasantly surprised with Fighting with my Family and main character 18-year-old wrestler Saraya Knight’s journey to becoming a part of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).   


Fighting with my Family follows the Knights, a wrestling family from Norwich, England. Brother and sister duo Saraya “Paige” Knight and Zak “Zodiac” Knight wrestle in small venues near their hometown until one day WWE calls after viewing tapes of them wrestling.


Ecstatic and energetic, Saraya and Zac tryout for WWE. However, when Saraya finds out she is the only wrestler advancing, her bond with her brother weakens.


This brother-and-sister bond also raises attention to Zak, who had been wrestling all his life and dreamed of being a WWE wrestler. When Saraya is chosen, we see how Zak becomes depressed and loses his way, putting an even bigger strain on the relationship with his sister.


With hesitation in her eyes, Saraya heads to the United States for the first time, without her family or the support of her brother.


Without her family, we get to see another side of Saraya. Initially portrayed as a tough, strong girl, Saraya lets her guard down and cries as she leaves her family. This lets the audience know Saraya’s WWE journey will not be an easy one.


On her journey to get signed with WWE, Saraya deals with several problems, from the intense daily training to her homesickness. Though Saraya eventually overcomes most of her problems, a recurring problem she faces is, “why do I wrestle?”


At one point, Saraya returns home during training after an argument with a fellow wrestler. Unknown to her parents, Saraya plants to quit her goal of wrestling for the Divas Championship in WWE. The truth is finally revealed and Saraya is torn between two choices; leaving her family behind to pursue a dream or staying home.  


Filled with a new sense of determination, Saraya returns to the U.S. to train to compete for WWE.


The incorporation of Dwayne Johnson in the film almost seems forced. Though Johnson, who plays himself as The Rock, might attract more attention and intrigue to the film, the encounters he has with Saraya and her family seem unnecessary as they do not contribute to the plot.  


The conflicts and sharp distinction in setting portrayed in the film contribute to the character development of Saraya. As Saraya is pulled in two different directions, U.S. and her home in England, we see Saraya push through her problems and grow not only as a wrestler but as a young woman.


Though the movie has a light-hearted and humorous tone overall, the incorporation of deep, emotional scenes emphasizes the growth and struggle Saraya undergoes.

Fighting with my Family places you in the shoes of Saraya Knight. You see and feel her struggles. You feel the happiness and pride Saraya feels.