Ringing in new year with resolutions

Christie Hernandez, Staff Writer

Time is ticking until the clock strikes midnight, and the new year is about to begin. Minutes later, it is 2019 and time to make the next 365 days better than ever.


With a new year comes new beginnings and most of all, a fresh start. Many like to reflect on the previous year and set new goals to achieve throughout the upcoming year. These are also known as New Year’s resolutions.


Aside from what your resolution is, the hope is to improve yourself overall in the time to come.


The phrase “New year, new me” is very popular amongst many as a brand new year is upon them.


”Every new year it feels like it’s a new beginning, which really helps because it makes you feel like you can always be a better person and do new things,” Coppell High School junior Rithik Chennupati said.


Achieving goals and dreams may be satisfying, but obtaining the feeling of inspiration after a small or large success is a whole other feeling.


About 40 percent of Americans create their own resolutions according to Forbes, but only eight percent of the population fully complete them.


Resolutions do not have to be excessive, either. Whether it is aiming to live a healthier lifestyle or doing better in school, the possibilities are endless. These goals can be simple and crisp which not only makes them easily reachable, but can inspire many to set the bar higher for the future.


”My new year’s resolutions are to eat healthy and to be a better person,” CHS junior Samantha Bui said. “The new year gives me a chance to start fresh and aim to live a better life than the years before.”


New Year’s resolutions are created not only to discover new ways to improve lifestyles but to get those involved to feel more excited for what the future awaits. Those involved can inspire others to create resolutions as well, regardless of its difficulty.


An important tip when completing resolutions is to believe in yourself. Without confidence and determination it cannot be achieved. Many turn away from resolutions because they seem too challenging, but with the right mindset, you are good to go.


“I can’t wait to manage my time better and to procrastinate less,” CHS junior Rida Hamid said. “I will make this year mine, and I’ve never been so excited.”