As loyal students, help out by picking up the trash


Bren Flechtner

Coppell High School Custodians spend hours each day cleaning the school, many students at CHS do not pick up their trash. Suriya talks about what students can do to help their school environment to be a cleaner campus.

Umama Suriya, Staff Writer

There is a piece of trash on the ground by many brown empty tables in the Coppell High School cafeteria. What would you do?


I would pick it up. Many in this school do not pick up their trash, and it only increases the amount of work for our hard-working custodians.


Custodians spend hours each day cleaning the school, but if we help them out, that act of kindness could mean the world to them. A simple act of kindness could lead to someone’s happiness.


If you are the one who made the mess, it is your responsibility to pick up after yourself. For everyone, it should be a natural process, similar to walking or talking.


Besides, don’t you want to see our school clean? Sparkling tables and trashless floors would lead to happy custodians, happy administrators and happy everyone.


You can be fined $500 every time you litter in Texas. Imagine money leaving your pocket every time you leave a piece of trash on the cafeteria floor.


“It’s one wrapper at a time,” Coppell High School assistant principal Ryan Lam said. “It is our school and we want to keep it clean. We’re basically living here eight hours of the day and we spend a majority of our time here with our friends, with our teachers and our administrators.”


Although many students try to pick up after themselves, it is never enough for the school environment.


“This school is pretty clean,” CHS administrative assistant Michele Garcia said. “But I think it’s just the kids tend to not want to help and pick up after themselves.”


Picking up after yourself could help not only many custodians, but fellow students as well.


By practicing cleanliness in our school, we can become better at doing this everywhere we go, effectively keeping the Earth clean. The Environmental Club started by CHS sophomore Samanvi Chintalapudi is an example of practicing cleanliness in CHS.


“I started the Environmental Club not just to start a club,” Chintalapudi said. “But to show people that there’s more we can do to make sure the Earth is more sustainable for the future.”


With our school and hallways more taken care of, our future generations could potentially have a healthier planet to live in with a safer and happier environment.


So please don’t be trashy, pick up the trash.


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