One Shot: “Shoot Out” – Monsta X


Claire Clements, Editorial Page Editor

On Oct. 22, popular boy group Monsta X released album Are You There? with title track, “Shoot Out”. “Shoot Out” is a dark, yet fun song, and it is all too easy to start singing along on the first listen.


Taking a step in a less traditional direction from K-pop, the song, especially its intro, is more similar to a rock song, something different from the electronic beats of most of the group’s songs.


The lyrics discuss the painful ending of a break-up, and the aftermath. Despite the meaning not being very different from the majority of K-pop songs, the way they word it is unique and gives a refreshing break from what many Monsta X fans may be used to.


Overall, the singing is strong but does not really stand out. However, this is made up for with the first and second verse, rapped by members Jooheon and I.M. It is catchy and gives the song extra emphasis on its dark theme, something that’s very true to self for the band.