Food lovers in frenzy at Andy Brown Park (with video)

Pramika Kadari


Disha Kohli

Kona Ice is a popular shaved ice joint for kids and teens to enjoy snow cones and ice cream. Kona Ice was one of the 13 food trucks yesterday at the annual Food Truck Frenzy held at Andy Brown Easy from 5-9 p.m.

Pramika Kadari, Copy Editor

With a variety of food such as doughnuts and Mexican cuisine being offered merely a few feet away from each other, many came to the Food Truck Frenzy event at Andy Brown Park East Saturday evening, during which a multitude of food trucks gathered and attendees enjoyed eating while socializing.


With the weather being pleasant for most of the event, turnout was high. The upbeat music playing in the background helped set an enjoyable mood.


Despite the abundance of trucks, some attendees were disappointed in the lack of diversity regarding food types.


“We are looking for vegetarian [food], and there is not too many options for vegetarians,” Coppell resident Haritha Naini said. “Maybe they can add some more next year.”


Compared to last year’s Food Truck Frenzy, which took place in Old Town Coppell, this year’s offered more open space, reducing crowdedness.


“I see more food trucks than last year, and also a lot of people came compared to last year,” Naini said.


People of all ages were present, as well. Toddlers waddled behind their parents, older children played frisbee with friends, teens caught up with friends and seniors relaxed on the benches.


Businesses often travel across many cities with their trucks, having much to gain from the experience. Azucar Latin American Cuisine’s tacos are already well-liked in Dallas, but widespread exposure helps them grow even further.


“It’s promotion,” Azucar Latin American Cuisine owner John Gallegos said. “We get to go travel to different cities, so we get to meet a lot of different people from different places, which helps us get a following.”


Attendees left the event with their stomachs full and satisfied, whether it be from boba tea or fried rice.