Coppell High School choir chord-ially invites all to see fall concert


Bailey Lai

Coppell High School choir director Aaron Coronado help students of Kantorei, the women’s varsity treble choir, warm up through vocal exercises during Bona Coogle and Coronado’s third period choir class. The choir department has been preparing for their upcoming fall concert on October 2nd.

Sally Parampottil, Staff Writer

The Coppell High School choir department will have its first concert of the year on Tuesday in the CHS auditorium at 7 p.m.


The concert features songs such as “The Silver Swan” by Orlando Gibbons, which will be performed by the Madrigals, and “Adiemus” by Karl Jenkins, to be performed by Treble Choir A. The CHS combined choirs will be performing the final two songs: “Hark I Hear, Harps Eternal” by Alice Parker and “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” by Peter C. Lutkin. This will be the first time this year’s entire choir department will be performing together.  


“We sat down and said, ‘OK, where is each choir at?’ and ‘what are some things we want to work on to accomplish?’,” choir director Bona Coogle said. “We basically chose our repertoire based on our numbers per voice part, the strength and weaknesses of each choir and what we wanted them to get out of this concert.”


The choir classes, taught by Coogle and associate choir director Aaron Coronado, have been rehearsing for this event since the first week of school. Rehearsals take place in class every day, consisting of breathing and voice warm ups, conductor selected piece practice and corrective or enhancing adjustments.


This will be Coronado’s first time as a conductor for CHS, having joined the department this year. He and Coogle work alongside each other to coordinate the concerts. The freshmen choirs from CHS9 will be performing with the rest of the department.


“They will do very very well. We are very excited, just having three freshmen choirs, first of all,” Coogle said. “They’re sounding really well and they’re able to adapt really fast so we’re excited.”

Audiences can witness the freshman debut, as well as the talents of the rest of the choir department, free of charge. To learn more, visit the Coppell Choir Website.